Paper Shredding & Confidential Waste Disposal by Industry With more than 500,000 customers world-wide, we’ve got the industry expertise you need. As the leader in information security and workplace privacy, we have helped business in a wide range of industries and sectors protect one of their most valuable assets: their private, confidential.confidential waste disposal Everyone has become more aware of the need to dispose of their confidential waste, client and company records securely, we can help you do this effectively. We can also help you destroy your personal and domestic papers so that you are safe in the knowledge that you aren’t at risk from identity theft.If you have confidential waste that you need securely shredded contact us today. We are a confidential shredding company that specialises in shredding confidential documents securely. We offer commercial sercure waste disposal across the UK. With all confidential paper shredding carried out in line with EN15713, providing absolute security.These materials are easily separated in something called a materials recycling facility, the type of which waste companies have been silently building across the UK to take advantage of the high value.

Original video found at is a professional paper shredding company that offers a secure, efficient and cost effective shredding service adhering to the highest standards in the industry to ensure maximum protection of your confidential information.Secure Shredding. All the paper we collect from your premises is transported to our secure UK facility where it is shredded according to BSIA standards. We do not outsource shredding to third party companies and therefore your documents remain confidential at all times, right up to the point they are shredded.In fact Direct Shredding and Recycling Ltd shred any data containing company or personnel information. When it comes to your confidential data disposal, there really is only one safe way to undertake a method of secure and complete destruction.High security, exceptional service Welcome to Shredall SDS Group. We provide a complete information-management service, from shredding and recycling to document scanning and document storage.Years of experience working with companies in all sectors have given us a thorough understanding of client needs and compliance issues, and our capabilities and processes are the best in our industry.